Lucy handing over the reins (theoretically?) to Brad!

Hey all!

Dad is finally at a point where he wants to get in and read the material from this blog. Please keep commenting and sending personal messages!

I’m giving him the passwords tomorrow.

This may be the last time I myself post, so I just wanted to say thank you all so much for following, and keep watching for upcoming news!

Love, Lucy


Leaving Texas…again :)

Just a quick note. Dad has been in San Antonio for a couple of weeks, getting his truck fixed and bonding with my cousin’s kids (ask for pics of his ‘makeover’ lol). He is missing Arkansas and wanting to reconnect with friends, so will be slowly making his way back East by way of Arkansas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania at least. Give him a call and expect to see him in your neck of the woods soon!


I have been reading and replying to many of your lovely and kind comments.
Firstly, thanks for sending them. Your support means so much to dad!
Secondly, I know dad plans to read the blog over and possibly write some kind of a book or something about it, and when he starts that, I’m hopeful that he will be reading and responding personally to your notes. I have read many of your comments to him over the phone, and I know that each of you affects him and he feels your support.
I know he is going to blog at least one more time, so stay tuned!!

Pic and Email from Greg

My girlfriend and I were taking our dog chops to the beach when Brad asked if we could take a picture for him and his dog as he had just walked across the country! I was super honored and lucky to be the one Brad met at the end of the road. I took a few pictures for him on his camera, but I had to get one for myself. What an awesome guy, with a great story. After reading his bio, I’m even more impressed. I spread the story as much as I could today, and will probably be talking about it forever. Thanks for getting it all online. It a great read.


April 7, Pacific Ocean!

Well, Guess what? We made it! Xena and I dipped our feet in the Pacific Ocean yesterday exactly 7 months after starting out from Georgia last September.
We are both well and very glad that the trek is over. We’ve been hosted her in San Diego by a wonderful couple, John and Makela and their little daughter, Ruth. How great that has been!
We leave Monday in a crowded pickup truck to get back to San Antonio where my van is parked, so we can resume our ‘normal’ lives!
Xena has to ride in a carrier for the first time EVER in the back of the truck. I hope she doesn’t think she is being jailed after completing this walk, instead of being carried home on a big satin pillow, like she deserves.
I couldn’t have done it without her.
Two of my kids, Lucy and Isaac did a huge amount of work online and over the phone with me to make this trip happen. My son Brad came down and fixed the front wheel on my cart in New Mexico which was a huge help. My other son Emmett, was busy having another kid in Wisconsin! But along with my nieces, Alison, Sharon and Becky gave unending support by phone. Thanks to all of them.
And thanks to anyone reading this-anyone who has been following our walk on facebook or on the blog! I got so many supportive comments and so much love from so many people, it made a big difference in my trip.
If you haven’t donated anything yet to Audubon in recognition of my trip, I will urge you one last time to send even $5 or $10 to them. They work so hard to keep the tide of habitat destruction from overwhelming our wildlife, especially my favorites, the birds.
Donate online or send a check to National Audubon Society; 225 Varick st. New York, NY 10014. And notate that the donation was from my trip.
Xena and I really struggled to get across the country and always part of our intent was to generate understanding and some financial support for Audubon. So if you can, send something for the birds. Thanks.
I’m so grateful for so many new friends and old friends and for my wonderful family.
I will hold all of you in my heart as long as I live.
I’ll blog again when we get back to Becky’s in Texas.
Bye for now.