Bird list (by popular demand!!!)

Hey all! You asked for it, so here it is! The next installment of the list of birds that dad has seen on his walk!
(Incidentally, Dad has not seen ANY new birds for his life list on this trip, but is thinking he may do some more birding in California, and pick up some new life list birds including the Scrub Jay on Santa Cruz Island!)

Starting in Texas:
Cinnamon Teal
Black Crowned Night Heron
Green Kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher
Golden Fronted Woodpecker
White Winged Dove

New Mexico:
Sage Thrasher
Canyon Towhee
Black Throated Sparrow
Cactus Wren

Say’s Phoebe
Black Phoebe
Lark Bunting
Western Meadow Lark
Brewer’s Sparrow
Brewer’s Black Bird
Prairie Falcon

Vesper Sparrow
Curve Billed Thrasher
Ash Throated Fly Catcher
Black Chinned Hummingbird

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