Bird list (by popular demand!!!)

Hey all! You asked for it, so here it is! The next installment of the list of birds that dad has seen on his walk!
(Incidentally, Dad has not seen ANY new birds for his life list on this trip, but is thinking he may do some more birding in California, and pick up some new life list birds including the Scrub Jay on Santa Cruz Island!)

Starting in Texas:
Cinnamon Teal
Black Crowned Night Heron
Green Kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher
Golden Fronted Woodpecker
White Winged Dove

New Mexico:
Sage Thrasher
Canyon Towhee
Black Throated Sparrow
Cactus Wren

Say’s Phoebe
Black Phoebe
Lark Bunting
Western Meadow Lark
Brewer’s Sparrow
Brewer’s Black Bird
Prairie Falcon

Vesper Sparrow
Curve Billed Thrasher
Ash Throated Fly Catcher
Black Chinned Hummingbird


Pics from Pia Sandstrom, Eastern Desert of California


Hey all,
Dad is just days away from reaching his goal of taking a swim in the Pacific with Xena!!!
The whole family is soooo proud of him!
Please take this time, if you haven’t already, to donate in his and Xena’s name to the Audubon Society for protection of bird habitat. As I have mentioned before, every penny goes directly to habitat preservation, and it would mean a lot to Dad if you could donate!

Also, Dad and Xena need a ride from San Diego to San Antonio,Texas next week. Is anyone going that way?

March 4, CALIFORNIA!!!

Well, I have made it to California! I think I have made it through the heat. Arizona was very hot, had a lot of desert to walk through, and I am now in the desert of Southern California where two days ago, I had to spend the entire afternoon under a small bush with Xena because it was too hot for either of us to walk. I spread my rain poncho over the top of the bush for some shade and we lay there for four hours.
Today I head up through the Anza-Borrego desert state forest. It is a gradually increasing slope up and over a mountain that has to be crossed in order to get to the West Coast. Only about 100 miles now, but I have that one more challenge to get over this mountain, and I understand from other people that it is no joke. Bicyclists push their bikes up over. So I’ve got about three or four days until I reach the town of Julian, which is at the top. From there it is only about 35 miles to the ocean!!! I’m a little concerned about the climb, but at this point, I must keep going.
Thanks for being there with me, I’ll probably blog again before I get to the top. Bye.

March 24

Time to update my blog. It’s been a while because of two things. First, we’ve all been focusing on how my brother-in-law has been doing. He is recuperating from serious surgery and I’m glad to say he’s out of the hospital now and making good progress. Second, Arizona has been tough. The wind was bad in New Mexico and continued to Tucson. Gusts up to 60 miles per hour forced me to accept a short ride to Wilcox after struggling all day along the interstate.
Two days later, 32 miles from Tucson, a state trooper informed me in no uncertain terms that I would no longer walk along the interstate. It seems that they allow bicycles but no pedestrians. It’s rough walking the superhighway, traffic is intense. Someone called me in to 911; someone looking out for me or someone annoyed at me. I don’t know but I’m glad they called. I have picked a new, slightly longer route, through Arizona.
I had a wonderful visit with a friend who lives in Casa Grande for two days of bad weather. He is truly an artist in every sense of the word. We’re leaving there feeling rejuvenated. Now I’m in Gila Bend with one 100 mile stretch of back road to Yuma on the California border. I just went through The beautiful Sonoran Desert National Monument area. A 40 mile stretch, of Saguaro and mountains. Very quiet with no trains or traffic.
Ahead are concerns with heat with border issues and urban areas, rattlesnakes and scorpions and centipedes are out there. But at least at night they can’t get through the new zipper in my tent. I don’t know if mountain lions may be a factor when I go through the desert state forests in California. I’ll get some info on that, I guess. Thank goodness, Xena would warn me at least.
I broke the front wheel on my cart today, lucky I’m in a town. Maybe I can get it fixed tomorrow. I can’t go on without it. Stay with me, it’s not far now! 320 miles.