About birdmanwalking

I am an avid Bird watcher with a life list over 600. I enjoy the outdoors, talking and meeting new people and the company of my 2 year old Husky, Xena. I was searching for the next step in my life after retiring, and decided to take my dog for a nice, long walk! I hope you enjoy my blog.

Note March 11

The last four days I have been with my family, spending nights at the hospital with a very sick relative.
I am behind on several blog postings, but I promise to get that squared away in the next day or so.
Thank you for your patience,, and with a little help from someone who met dad recently, there may even be new pics!
Love Lucy
PS dad has made it to Tucson!!!


Note March 2

On the phone with dad, he is being barraged by wind. Mom is helping him with the weather forecast. He is very uncomfortable and tired. I told him it will make him stronger!!
He is now in contact with Anthony from Anthony walks across America.


Check it out!


Spoke to dad yesterday. He said how happy he was to be through Texas!! It was about half the walk in Texas itself.
He noted how the borders are all man made, but how he would have felt awful if Texas had beat him, if he had to stop the walk in the middle of Texas for some reason. So he is feeling a real sense of accomplishment being in New Mexico now!
Also, there are probably less than 2 months left of this walk, so if you want to walk with dad OR DONATE TO AUDUBON now is the time!!!!
Please consider donating even $5 or $10 so that dad can really have something to show for all his effort at the end of the walk!!
Love, Lucy

Click HERE to support him!

Feb 22

Right now I’m walking East of El Paso and I’ve been walking against the wind right in my face for several days now. It has gotten to the point where I’ve been snarling and growling and even snapping at the wind trying to come up with the fortitude to keep walking against it. I know that in the future I maybe hoping or even the slightest breeze to cool me down. I don’t want to be ungrateful. So I will talk to you all later. I should make it to El Paso real soon. Bye.


Well, right now I’m looking at the mountains of Mexico, across the other side of the Rio Grande. I’m heading to the little town of Esperanza, where I’ll walk along the border roads all the way to the outskirts of El Paso. I talked to the border patrol headquarters yesterday. They said it’s relatively safe, you are in more danger in traffic than you are from people because, the people coming across, even the drug smugglers, don’t want to be to be seen. I’ve always known that but it’s nice to hear it from the Border Patrol. They’ve been very kind to me.

So I will camp the next 3 nights until I get to the outskirts of El Paso along the border here.

I just met a very nice young couple From California. They live about a mile from the beach that I’m, heading towards, a place called Ocean Beach, right in San Diego, and they invited me to stay with him when I get there! I thought that was really cool.They gave me some water and some cheese and all is well.

Xena is doing well and I will talk to you all again soon, bye!