March 4, CALIFORNIA!!!

Well, I have made it to California! I think I have made it through the heat. Arizona was very hot, had a lot of desert to walk through, and I am now in the desert of Southern California where two days ago, I had to spend the entire afternoon under a small bush with Xena because it was too hot for either of us to walk. I spread my rain poncho over the top of the bush for some shade and we lay there for four hours.
Today I head up through the Anza-Borrego desert state forest. It is a gradually increasing slope up and over a mountain that has to be crossed in order to get to the West Coast. Only about 100 miles now, but I have that one more challenge to get over this mountain, and I understand from other people that it is no joke. Bicyclists push their bikes up over. So I’ve got about three or four days until I reach the town of Julian, which is at the top. From there it is only about 35 miles to the ocean!!! I’m a little concerned about the climb, but at this point, I must keep going.
Thanks for being there with me, I’ll probably blog again before I get to the top. Bye.

One thought on “March 4, CALIFORNIA!!!

  1. You can do it! You can do it! This is only a small mountain to climb after all you have gone through. Your goal is just over the hill.

    Lomax and Ruth Ann
    Meridian, MS

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