March 24

Time to update my blog. It’s been a while because of two things. First, we’ve all been focusing on how my brother-in-law has been doing. He is recuperating from serious surgery and I’m glad to say he’s out of the hospital now and making good progress. Second, Arizona has been tough. The wind was bad in New Mexico and continued to Tucson. Gusts up to 60 miles per hour forced me to accept a short ride to Wilcox after struggling all day along the interstate.
Two days later, 32 miles from Tucson, a state trooper informed me in no uncertain terms that I would no longer walk along the interstate. It seems that they allow bicycles but no pedestrians. It’s rough walking the superhighway, traffic is intense. Someone called me in to 911; someone looking out for me or someone annoyed at me. I don’t know but I’m glad they called. I have picked a new, slightly longer route, through Arizona.
I had a wonderful visit with a friend who lives in Casa Grande for two days of bad weather. He is truly an artist in every sense of the word. We’re leaving there feeling rejuvenated. Now I’m in Gila Bend with one 100 mile stretch of back road to Yuma on the California border. I just went through The beautiful Sonoran Desert National Monument area. A 40 mile stretch, of Saguaro and mountains. Very quiet with no trains or traffic.
Ahead are concerns with heat with border issues and urban areas, rattlesnakes and scorpions and centipedes are out there. But at least at night they can’t get through the new zipper in my tent. I don’t know if mountain lions may be a factor when I go through the desert state forests in California. I’ll get some info on that, I guess. Thank goodness, Xena would warn me at least.
I broke the front wheel on my cart today, lucky I’m in a town. Maybe I can get it fixed tomorrow. I can’t go on without it. Stay with me, it’s not far now! 320 miles.

3 thoughts on “March 24

  1. Congratulations on your progress! You have surely been through some highs and lows, but you’ve kept your eyes on the prize so to speak. Hope you and Zena are well. Please be careful in the desert, have plenty of water and keep your cell phone charged. What birds have you seen in the desert? We saw a Road Runner when we were out west, such a funny bird! Hope your trip is smooth and fun from here on out.

  2. You are doing great! glad things are better for you! hope the broken wheel doesn’t slow you down too much. keep us posted and what new birds have you seen?

  3. You are amazing, Birdman! Everytime I read your posts I am completely humbled. I don’t think I could do what you are doing—you are strong.
    How many birds have you seen so far????

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