March 4 post

Sunday, March 4th. What a difference a day makes (Or should I say NO WIND makes!), that horrible, punishing wind that blew 30 to 40 miles per hour in my face for most of the time here in New Mexico. The dirt and gravel frontage roads that were so hard to navigate were bad enough but the wind, especially, took all the fun out of the walk for 4 or 5 days. Yesterday, finally, there was no wind. My left ankle, which I thought might be sprained, seemed to heal up and didn’t bother me. I guess it was just another muscle pull.
So last night, with the sun setting 15 miles in front of me, over the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona, I put up my tent along the interstate, here in New Mexico, and went to bed grateful for a good day walking.
Xena is doing fine, very well behaved along the interstate. Troopers and Sheriffs have just driven by, no hassle at all. 550 Miles to go.
I want to thank my sister in law, Jean (Lewis) for setting up my blogs or her phone where I call it in and it appears to her in print. What a blessing to not have to type it. She emails it to Lucy to edit it and post it. Thanks so much, Jean and Lucy. And thanks to my son Isaac, who has helped so much ever since Mississippi with the route Information, and couch surfing contacts, especially here in the West. And to Margaret for all the weather information. I do not travel alone.

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