Call from dad (I am going to try to start putting more of these on the blog.)

I had a great conversation with dad today.

Jean (the other admin of this blog, who has, by the way, just now updated the new, second half of the route map…see ‘bio and route map) Dave, Mom and I were all playing cards when he called.

He talked about the latest stretch of his walk and how he walked like, 19 miles today. He said that it’s kind of like a mouse in a maze, once you start to get closer to the end, you are moving faster in anticipation. He said he has been almost ‘trotting’ hahah 🙂

He also talked a bit about Xena, and related with hilarious impersonations of what he thinks SHE is thinking when he has tried to put salve on her feet. Like “she looked at me with crossed eyes…like DON’T YOU DARE PUT THAT GARBAGE ON MY PAWS!”

He also cracked us up when mom was saying how much she had been laughing at a recent travelogue she had been reading, and dad (jokingly?) got up in arms about how the writer ‘probably had a freakin CAR to be comfortable in the whole way, where as I HAVE A TENT in the middle of NOWHERE, and yet I’m not funny enough? PLUS I RAN OUT OF JUNIOR MINTS!!!” We all howled.

Love you, daddy.


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