Sanderson, TX, News Article

Walker passes through

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SANDERSON – Brad Storey is walking his dog across America. He decided to do this walk as a personal challenge after retiring from his work as a house painter.
For 40 years, Storey painted houses but, when he made his decision to retire and take Social Security, he decided to walk across the United States.
After reading on the internet about people who have attempted similar adventures, he decided it was a great thing to do for a cause.
With his dog, Xena, who carries her own pack, Storey decided that his walk was a good thing to do for a cause and is walking in support of The National Audubon Society.
He said the Audubon Society is not just about birds but is concerned with the welfare of our natural places and spaces.
They are known for their support of diverse programs to preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as well as promoting the recovery of the California Condor and the Brown Pelican.
Balancing habitat protection with the needs of growing populations is part of the work of the Audubon Society and, by doing his walk, Storey hopes to bring attention to the work to the society.
The 66-year-old said he is very excited to have made it this far. He didn’t think he would make it across Georgia.
“If we take the responsibility to take on a challenge and finish it – that is what is important,” Storey said.
He said he and Xena expect to arrive in California sometime in April.
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WALK YOUR DOG – When Brad Storey took his dog for a walk, he took his dog for a walk. Storey and Xena are walking from Georgia to California and passed through Sanderson this week. They are walking in support of the National Audubon Society.



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