Feb. 4 and 12 and addendum


Well, today was a day of a big decision. I’m in Sanderson, Texas and I had to decide whether to go West toward El Paso, or North toward Fort Stockton and Pecos.  Because it’s 4 days walking shorter to go toward El Paso, I’ve decided to do it even though it’s uphill for the next 70 miles.

It’s 52 miles to Marathon and it’ll take me 4 days to get there.

I never realized how many ways a foot can hurt. The pains are very varied in how sharp they are, how dull they are or whether it’s on the heel or the toe or the instep.  Your feet are really amazing tools.

The Distances out here, like I said, are pretty enormous sometimes. It’s really very open country and the thing that I’ve noticed the most is that except for the noise of the traffic which occasionally goes by, the only sound that I hear most of the time is the wheels of my cart rolling along on the pavement. The sound is occasionally broken by the croak of a raven or the rattling call of cactus wren but other than that it’s pretty quiet.

The unpredictability of my days is balanced by the simplicity that is achieved in such a lifestyle as this. Its’ very hard to plan anything or predict anything but in exchange there’s not much you can do about it. So you just keep walking.  Talk to you later. Bye Bye.


Hey there. I’ve made it to Marfa, Texas; the town known for the mysterious balls of fire that appear in the air, just East of here. They’re called ‘The Marfa Lights” lights, they’ve been seen since back in the eighteen fifties. No one can track them down, or explain them in any way.

I stayed 3 days in Marathon. Each day waiting out a bad weather forecast, which each day turned out to be not so cold or rainy, as predicted. I was staying at a very unusual little cluster of handmade homes. I think the name was La loma del chivo. It is well known in Marathon for its unusual buildings, and free spirited inhabitants.  It’s welcoming to traveling cyclists or in my unusual case walkers. Ingrid and Mike, welcomed me and said I could stay til the weather got better. I ended up spending the three days, completing the building of a large walk in closet and painting it for Ingrid. It was nice to repay her her kindness.

Here in Marfa, I’ve stayed with Greg and Lily, and they couldn’t be kinder, bailing me out through another cold and damp winter day.

On the road here, I stayed again in the bushes along the railroad tracks, and as many times before, I avoided the area close by that would have been much more comfortable, but being near a bridge that had obviously being used by groups of travelers, probably from Mexico. I try not to cross paths with those folks, because all of us out here,  just want to do what we’re doing and do it by ourselves. Well now I’m off to Van Horn where I’ll begin walking the frontage roads, along Interstate 10 probably all the way through the South West.  It is 78 miles to Van Horn. There’s only one small town, Valentine, in between. It’s supposed to be windy tomorrow, 20 to 25 miles per hour from the West, no less. But I have to keep moving.

Xena is doing great, couldn’t do it without her. Onward.

Addendum-I found out there are no services in Valentine. It is 74 miles between towns where I will be able to get anything (Van Horn.)

The feeling of fear has two sides to it. On one side is anxiety, but the other side is that it keeps things interesting.

5 thoughts on “Feb. 4 and 12 and addendum

  1. We are so proud of you! The kids ask daily if we have talked, and since my phone is off at the moment, I am glad to read your posts. It has been unusually cold and wet and have thought of you every evening as I hear the wind blowing in. I am hoping that your sleeping bag and new jacket are doing the job and giving you some relief from the chill! You really have met some amazing people along the way, I am so glad to know there are many people out there that find you as interesting and exciting as I do, and that they have been good hearted and giving. I know it was a blessing for us to have you with us, a joy to have your company and a gift to have your help! I am looking forward to talking to you soon. 78 miles is an incredibly LONG way to go without services, save your phone battery and stock up on Coke 0 & Junior mints!! Love you so much!! Becca

  2. I remember the times, while on the road, when I was shaken out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure I ever quite got the hang of easing into it but certainly appreciated the way it colored my life but I only truly enjoyed that reflection once I was back into a more “safe” zone.

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