Feb 2 and 6; the desert.


Hello again! I am reporting from the West Texas desert. I’m almost to the town of Sanderson. It’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day, and the distances out here are really amazing. There’s nothing to do each day but walk. I’ve been walking about 17, 18 miles a day now. I figure I have 70 more days, at 15 miles a day til i can take a swim in the Pacific. The distances are like 40 or 50 miles between some towns. So I have to be ready with the water and food for 4 days, sometimes, of walking, or 3 days.

I’m playing games on the road regarding how many steps it is between when cars go by. The record is 1,400 so far. That’s more than half a mile! So you can get some idea. Of how open this territory is.

Anyway, the water report and the Xena report go together this time because when I give Xena water in her bowl I never waste the water, so by pouring the water back in to a particular coke bottle, which is different than my water bottles I can save it to give to her the next time. Well, you can imagine, yeah I have made a mistake a couple of times, and I have drank water right out of the coke bottle after I’ve given her some. I’ve been drinking dog water, yuck!  But she eats a lot of bones alongside the road, there’s a lot of carcasses out here, so I assume her mouth is pretty clean. Anyway you can tell I’m suffering! I hopeyou’ll forgive me for not blogging more often. It’s about all I can do sometimes to get phone service and to think about doing it, so thank you all for being there, and I will talk to you again soon, I hope.

Feb 6,

This is Major Tom to ground control. I’m feeling quite Impressed. I feel very far out, out here, believe me. The scenery out here has gotten better with lots of hills and mesas not just all flat with scrub brushes. I’m headed up into the more mountainous area, around Alpine.

I got so much help in Sanderson from Jim and Sandra Davis; motel and good food, and thanks for the gloves, Jim. They made a big difference!

I’ve taken to singing to Xena, my version of the theme from ‘Cops’ It goes “Bad dog, bad dog what you’re gonna do when they come for you? Bad dog, bad dog…”

I hope I get to see a civilization again sometime soon. There’s not even any coyotes around. I wonder if that’s from the drought, anyone know? Is anybody out there? Major Tom, over and out.




2 thoughts on “Feb 2 and 6; the desert.

  1. Hey Brad!
    Singing to the dog is a good sign. Isn’t that what Tom Hanks did to the volleyball on the island to prevent the onset of craziness? lol. Glad to hear you are well. Please give us as much notice as you can when you will hit NM so we can make plans to join you at some point. We will also make a donation, and bring anything you need. Maybe we can make a youtube for the record.
    This is really a big challenge that you have taken on. You must have the strongest legs in the family now! What will will you do when you are done?
    more later!
    love ~
    the NM Storeys

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