Dear Friends,

Once again, I have been lax and the postings will be late.

I was laid off on Thursday and some of the blogs and photos are stuck at work. We were not allowed to gather our things, so the one disc of pics will come when my box from work arrives at my home.

I will hopefully get the longish San Antonio blog and some pics up today, please bear with me!

Dad is doing fine, the desert is a struggle but he is doing really well.

Love, Lucy

2 thoughts on “update

  1. Several of the recent postings have appeared to be jibberish. They are incoherant. Is your dad having difficulty or is there some other reason?
    Also, the Jan 19 and 20 postings ran off the page so that I had to scroll right to read it.
    I just wanted you to know what we are seeing.

    I enjoyed the photos, although fewer photos of the “same thing” would help.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    • Richard,
      I have mistakenly pasted the unedited version once or twice..I thought I had deleted all that jibberish…
      Also, I am most definitely an amateur at editing so all mistakes are mine not his.
      Thanks a lot. By the way, how do you know my dad?

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