January 20, 100th day!

Well today is my 100th day of actually walking. A real milestone for me, sort of.  I got another 100 days to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve changed my route back again to going through Del Rio, out to the little town of Sanderson, and then cut up North through Fort Stockton, and Pecos into New Mexico, to avoid El Paso. I don’t think that road through Del Rio should be too bad and it saves me a lot of walking.

Time for the Xena report. Xena is actually doing very well. Now that I have the cart, I hold the leash handle tight against the handle of the cart and a lot of the time, she’s out in front, pulling hard enough that the cart actually gets pulled forward by her. So occasionally I will say “Mush!” She is really amazing in that she does this trip, same as me, only she is doing it in her bare feet!

 I’d like to mention that at the beginning I started thinking that I was foolish to make this walk because of the danger along the road. What I’ve come to realize is that everyone on the road, walker or driver, is facing the same problem, and that is that you have to stay in your own lane and you hope everybody else does. Drivers of vehicles face the same danger that I do in many ways. I just don’t have a vehicle surrounding me to keep me from getting squashed like a bug. But I do count on the same thing that all drivers do and that is that everybody is paying attention and stays where they’re supposed to be. So I feel pretty safe.

I know a lot of people reading this blog or whatever, watch the reality shows on TV. What I’ve come to realize is that this is my reality show. This is bringing home a reality to me that I never expected and I’ll tell you it’s keeping me entertained! Thanks to everyone who’s following, thanks to everyone that I’ve met along the trip and I’ll stay in touch. Bye!

4 thoughts on “January 20, 100th day!

  1. Dear friends– I’m a little concerned about Birdman. His latest post “sounds” really incoherent! Is he OK?

    Wishing him well-

    • Hey Linda,
      If his blog sounds incoherent, it is probably because I’m a bad editor! Dad is doing really well. I mentioned early on in the blogs that these postings are called in by phone and that they can sometimes be really stream of conciousness…not like writing an article with lots of proofing and editing. 🙂
      thanks for caring,

    • ps. the blog you are referring to was accidentaly uploaded pre-edit. The blogs are quite a mess when I recieve them, I have to listen to the phone messages and edit the text version. What you saw was the unedited text. I did fix it and repost. 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey Brad! Glad to hear from you and Zena. Hope everyone that shares the road with you is paying attention! Keep an eye on them anyway. Hope you have good weather and smooth roads. We are getting alot of rain and storms here now so it’s a good thing you’re walking the other way! 🙂 How is the birding in that area?

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