more kind and generous people

Sandra an Stephanie, sisters

Nice guy stopped, “Are you OK?”

Yvette Tompkins

Mayor Berlaine Boone in Basile

Officer Doug Firestone in Elton

Doug Rider offered me his sweet potatoes

Kimberly and Robert Apshire

Tyson and Brandy @ Market Basket in Kinder

Tom Kersch @ Thibodeaux’ in Rae

Kimberly on the road

Nice Ladies @ Valero east end of De Quincy

Amber and friend West end of De Quincy

Mary Ann @ Texaco in De Quincy

Kevin Jones @ same

Robert De Gelormo – “Just checkin'”

Nice Girls @ Dollar Gen. in Starks

Road Work Guy – Starks

Robert Trussell and Codie – Welcome to Texas

Chad, Amber, Felicitie and Aaron Williams in Deweyville

Quanina – Cart and Dog Treats

Nice Lady @ Shell in Mauriceville

Sabine Lamar!!! in Beaumont

Christine Sliva !! drove me around birding!

Steve Mayes – Birder

Jay Long –  Nome

Nice Lady in Devers

3 Nice young folks by the stuck truck

Tasha and friend in Raywod

Wanda in Ames

Clay Wickesser and kids – a special nickel!

Judy La Rue and Lynn Baker in Liberty – big bag of goodies!

Britney, Thomas and Laney

Jackie, Ryan and Jackson!!! Thanks y’all!

Liz and Michael Bynum !!!  Thanks guys!

The O’ Brians

Faerlee and Shawn Smith!!! My third Houston hosts! Thanks!

Judy @ Burger King in Rosenberg

Stephen and Laurie Mc Nulty and kids!!! Rescued! Thanks!

Everett who appreciates birds @ W. Rosenberg Auto Sales

Susie @Sonny’s E. of E. Bernard – Corn dogs for Xena!

Benny Chimulka

Christina @ Exxon E. Bernard

Young family in blue truck -offered ride

The Supak’s and Taylor @ East Bernard Subway

Sharon @ Subway -Sandwich

Owneand staff @ “Th Cafe” iE. Bernard

Kymbra in Eagle Lake

Willy Freeland – coffee on the road! Made my morning!

Judy @ Altair

BJ and Brenda @ Sonny’s in Rock Island

Everett Moore ! ! !

Tanya Beyette and Abby – My road angels on Christmas Eve!

Dewey Kemp – warm and dry on Christmas morning! Thanks!

Nick Williams in Rock Island

Young dad with two girls offered whatever!!!

Customer Gary and cashier Mercedes in Hallettsville Shell

Buddy Whitley picked me up on my only hitchhike! Thanks Buddy!

Mor and Vadi  in Shiner

Shanta @ Tiger Tote in Shiner

Michelle Ansel @ Doll. Gen. Shiner

Jolynn @ Tiger Tote in Gonzales

2 dudes in a car took pix of Xena

John and Mary Pool and Katrina Messenger

Larry Davis, Rachael, and the kids! Best wishes to y’all!

Kenneth Riedell – Surveyor

Bob Wallish!

Viola, Angel, and Aubrey

Tony and Cindy -dog treats and more!

Corey offered ride


Ryan and Vivian Darnell and kids

Leslie and Macey

Bart – Dog food and a bone for Xena!

Susan Hattaway -New Year’s Eve! Thanks!

Sherrie Reimers !!! Maybe I’ll even meet you some day!

“Pittsburgh” Lance (a Steeler’s fan) -you know how you helped! Thanks!

Nice Lady Cop in Castroville

My Niece Becca, husband Nathan (got my cart together!) and kids Mark, Michaela, Katye, and Kade!!! Two weeks of rest and good food! Thanks sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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