Hey guys,

Dad just logged in and did his FIRST BLOG BY HIMSELF!

If you are one of the people on the new list of special people, you should feel super privileged! He typed your names himself this time! haha

Anyway, Dad is taking a break right now in San Antonio with Becca and her family. He is travelling back to Montgomery by bus to pick up his van and drive it to store it at Becca’s for the second half of his trip.

He has left Xena at Becca’s place for a few days while he travels. Becca and Nathan have a huge yard, and their dog, Goldie, is great company for Xena. Dad will be staying with Becca’s family for a week or so when he gets back to San Antonio, so he can prepare for the second leg of his journey. He is going to get some kind of push-cart that will hold more supplies while he is traversing the vast stretches of desert he faces in the next leg.

Becca has contacted 4 news stations and a couple papers and blogs about dad’s journey, so we are hoping to have more press coverage for the second half of the trip.

I want to let you all know that the running total of donations to Audubon is low, so if anyone can spread the word or make that donation you have been holding off on, it would be great.  Even $5 would add up over time.

Thanks a lot,


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