People Who’ve been special since Toomsuba Alabama

Ms. Spencer and kids @ Dollar General in Saucier

Don Foley Rte. 49

Barbara and Bernie Walker!!! in Gulfport

George and Donna Storrs – gave me MRE!

Chuck and Cherry Hall

Allison Henry!!!

Allison and Muriel @ Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St. Louis

Mark Madison and Jerry @ Mockingbird

Barney and Rose Cooper

James and Dillon in Bay St. :Louis!!!

Shannon and Rafael

David and Michelle by Wal-Mart

Vincent and Kay Caillouette

Robert biking across USA to Fla.

Billy and friend on 90

Sharon @ Conv. Store

Nice Lady @ Conv. Store

Bill Newton and Patrick inSlidell

Charles Johnson !!!

Reggie @ Subway in Slidell Wal-Mart

Daniel Parker @ Lacombe Bayou Store

Dustin Renaud, Melanie Driscoll, Carla, David, and Eric @ Baton Rouge Audubon office!!!

Tiffany @ Robert Grocery

Nice folks @ Piggly-Wiggly in Hammond

Chuck with the Yorkies in Hammond

Tara @ Albany Exxon

Phil Brown in Baton Rouge!!!

Joyce and Delaney in Hammond

Matt Stump

Nice Sherrif got me across Miss. River Bridge

Nice Ladies @ Lovie’s Quik-Stop

Sherri- My ANGEL!!!

Ann and Don Monk – Tanksgiving Dinner along the road

The Gonzalez’ who will WALK to Tennessee!

Ann @ Shell in Lottie

Ken Ortego -Krotz Springs Police

Mary – offered me her jacket!

Byron and Ms. Miller

Joshua @ Eunice Truck Stop

Mea @ Wal-Mart Photo in Eunice

I’ll add more soon, lots more! but can’t til next week!



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