recent people who are awesome list

Thanks people for helping out my dad! If you are one of these people, or one of the nice people mentioned before, please post a comment or email me directly! I’d love to talk to you šŸ™‚ Lucy

Jimmy Jordan,

James Dillard-postmaster in Tommsuba

Tattooed guy and family along 80/11

Danielle and DJ

Robin and Joe Johnson and the Meridian Audubon Chapter People

Nice folks at Sam’s restaurant in Sandersville

Ben Holloman at Texaco in Laurel

Nice folks outside Shell in Ellisville

Nice folks at Alfa Insurance in Ellisvile

Cole Graham at Ward’s in Ellisville

Joshua Hodge, Larry and Linda Basden from Hattiesburg Audubon

Mark LaSalle at Audubon Center in Moss Point

Claire English-offered me a place to stay

Marsha at the Beird Store in Ocean Springs

Patsy Yocom at Wiggins Western Sizzlin’

Dee along rt. 49

Jerry Smith and Jack at Fruit stand

Wendy at McHenry Stuckey’s

2 thoughts on “recent people who are awesome list

  1. Hi Lucy, it’s Linda here in Mena. I met you years ago and want to commend you on the great postings you are doing for your Dad. Brad is so well- loved here in Mena and everywhere I go I hear: ” have you talked to Brad?” He will finish the journey I know, and once again we can say “that’s Brad for you .” What a guy ! I am sure you and your brothers say “what a Dad” !
    Looking forward to the next post.

    • Thank you Linda,
      I’m on the phone with him right now, he says “thank you for the kind thoughts, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends from Mena after the walk!” (he says he will call you).
      love Lucy

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