New List of birds seen on the walk! (and it’s quite a list)

Gee Whiz, that’s a lot of birds! I am eventually going to get out the bird book and look up each of them. 🙂 Lucy

Indigo Bunting

Great Horned Owl

Savannah Sparrow

Eastern Meadowlark

American Kestrel

Chuck-Will’s Widow (hunh? wierd name for a bird…*Lucy)

Brown Headed Nuthatch

Chipping Sparrow

Belted Kingfisher



Royal Tern

Brown Pelican



American Coot

Northern Shoveler


Ring Necked Duck

Red Winged Blackbird

Palm Warbler

Sandhill Crane

House Wren

White Ibis

Black Necked Stilt

Short Billed Dowitcher

Lesser Yellow Legs

Greater Yellow Legs

Least Sandpiper

Snipe (wait, are these real?)

American Pipit

Glossy Ibis

Black Bellied Plover

Marsh Wren

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Swamp Sparrow

Virginia Rail

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Black Bellied Whistling Duck

Lesser Scaup

Peid Billed Grebe

Ruddy Duck

Northern Pintail

Black Skimmer

White Pelican

Semi Palmated Sandpiper

Ruddy Turnstone

Forster’s Tern

Little Blue Heron


Hooded Merganser



Song Sparrow

Field Sparrow

Neotropic Cormorant

Snow Goose

White-Fronted Goose

Long-Billed Curlew

Vermillion Flycatcher

Western Kingbird

Double-Crested Cormorant

Cooper’s Hawk

Barn Owl

Ross’ Goose


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