Lucy’s post

Hi everyone,

This blog is not about me, but once in a while I feel the need to make a posting.

I talked to dad this morning. He was still in bed, sleeping in his tent in someone’s shed. Apparently it is pretty cold. He has made it all the way to Texas, and plans on visiting my Cousin and her family in the San Antonio area.

It kind of dawned on me the other day, when I made the map, that dad is really like 1/3 or so the way across the USA. I mean wow. I had no idea it would go this fast!

Anyway, I  have made some changes to the facebook page, but made a kind of critical mistake. I have been updating and adding to his PERSONAL page, not the official walk page…I am going to rectify that tonight after work. I hope you will all friend dad on facebook and like his walk page {Bradford Storey and bird man walking (for audubon) }

Finally, I know it is the holiday season, but please consider donating to the Audubon society. All of the money goes directly to conservation of endangered wildlife habitat. Please tell your friends about my dad, his blog, and his efforts so that the word can spread!

I am hoping to establish some goals with dad for the second third of his trip, including a donation goal, so please help us make this happen.

Love, Lucy

3 thoughts on “Lucy’s post

    • thank you! i have been remiss with the facebook page, i have been updating dad’s personal page and not his official walk page. i have to get that taken care of and add more pix too! hope to have time to work on that over the holiday.

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