Dec 4


Well I reached the town of Dequincy, Louisiana. And that’s where I should be able to go to the veterinary office to get the antibiotic for Xena’s Lyme disease. Thanks so much to Lucy, for working out with the two different vets to get the arrangement made while on the road. As you can imagine, veterinary care might be a little difficult while traveling.

 The thing that I have noticed, walking along the roads, one thing, is that so many people follow so closely behind. I watch the traffic patterns a lot. And I’ve realized that a lot of people tailgate pretty seriously. It seems to be a really serious problem everywhere.

Also as I walk, I noticed a lot of white crosses with people’s names, and dates along the road; people of all ages, people that I’m sure never expected to see their name on a  marker along a highway.

On a lighter note, I’ve had my hat blown off by passing tractors-trailors, probably 20 times. I hate turning around to even walk back the 15 or 20 feet to go get the hat. Like I said once before, going in the backwards directions is very frustrating for me. One time it blew off over the side of the bridge. But luckily it didn’t land in water. It just landed in the mud down below. I had to go all the way back around and down under the bridge to get the hat. Anyway here I am, in Dequincy Louisiana and planning to head out into cold weather the next couple of days. Bye!

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