Well winter has arrived the night before last, with a cold blast of air when I was in my tent. It suddenly came on. And then it started to rain. So for 2 days it’s been cold. [Like] one long day of rain. And it’s not going to get much warmer for a little while. But I’m doing okay. One lady offered, on the road, to give me her jacket. I turned her down because it would be too heavy to carry when I didn’t need it.

I told you about the bridges in Louisiana, being narrow. Well, four of them have been so narrow that the Police won’t allow people to walk or even bicycle across. One was 3 miles long. The one over the Mississippi river was 2 miles long. So, the police give you a ride to the other side. That’s happened over 4 bridges here along route 190 in Louisiana.

Now for the Xena report. I’m afraid of her test came back very high in the Lyme disease, bacteria. So I’m going to have to find a vet and get the antibiotic to treat her as soon as possible. She’s not showing any symptoms, in fact, she’s having a great time. But I do need to treat her before it develops into something that makes her sick. So I’m off to the last 70 miles of Louisiana, and I will talk to you again soon, bye.


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