Hi everybody.

 It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I guess another milestone of my walk is getting across the Mississippi river. Well I crossed it this morning and now am in Western Louisiana. Louisiana has been wonderful so far. No problems. The biggest problem is that the old bridges going across rivers and other roads are so narrow that there is hardly any area to walk. It’s been a little dangerous. Every bridge!  But other than that, Louisiana has been great. I stayed with a man in Baton Rouge, LA. There was a huge thunderstorm, so I’ve been very lucky as far as rain goes.

Well time for anotyher Xena report. She has had some tests for heartworms and so forth, and everything’s fine except she tested positive for Lyme disease. So we sent off a second blood sample, because there’s a good possibility that she won’t need treatment if it’s not a very serious infection. So they will call me on the road and if I need to, I’ll get the medicine for her. But she’s feeling fine, everything else came out real nice and clean and she’s doing very well.

On another note, I have not referred to my tendency to be a hypochondriac on this trip. I’m not the type of hypochondriac that goes to the doctor all the time. On the contrary. I don’t go to doctors at all. I just worry. Well, I was convinced, on this trip over the last month, and I know I haven’t mentioned it all but I was convinced, that I had, possibility of some sort of cancer in my lips. Because they were so chapped that they hurt. They hurt so much that I could hardly concentrate on my walk some days. So I  worried and worried about that until I finally got some blistex. I have been treated them for several days and now they’re feeling fine. And I don’t think there are any tumors in my lower lip so, we’ll keep our fingers and paws crossed. Talk to you all later, bye bye.


One thought on “11.23

  1. cold sores are a super drag for sure – I hear you when you said you couldn’t concentrate on your walk because of it – I was the same way earlier this fall – a MONSTER fever blister – drag – glad you’re feeling better – they’re caused by stress you know – either/or physical, emotional – you sure have been stressed

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