Hello Everybody.

 Well, I walked along the Gulf Shore, in Mississippi. Had a great time along there and I forgot to tell you that when was I was up with Joshua in Hattiesburg area. He took me out to visit Tate Thriffiley out there. He is the forest service ranger in that area. In an hour and a half out in the forest with him looking at some bird habitat, I learned more than I’ve ever known about what the forest service does to counter the effects of all the bad timber projects that they have had in the past. It was really very educational. I also got to meet Becky Stowe from the nature conservancy and visit their refuge.

So now I have made it to Louisiana, crossed over into Louisiana, and stayed with another Audubon family and another couch surfing fellow. That’s 2 couch surfing people. Thanks to Isaac for setting me up with couch surfing. org. It really has helped a lot.

When I got to Bay Saint Louis in Mississippi, as we came into town on a Saturday afternoon there were horses and wagons and people dressed up. I didn’t realize it was their once a month celebration for the town of Bay Saint Louis. It is just wonderful. They call it is their second Saturday. I had a great time there.

 Now I’m in Mandeville, Louisiana and I just had a great breakfast at a place called ‘Louie and the red headed lady’ which is just a wonderful restaurant. I couldn’t have had a better meal anywhere. And I’m headed to Baton Rouge from. A man from Audubon is picking me up, taking me for a meeting in Baton Rouge with Audubon, and then bringing me back to where he picked me up. So that’s the good news from Louisiana.

Also, everybody has warned across Mississippi about being very careful in Louisiana. I’ve never been warned about an entire state before, just certain towns, so that I was a little unsettling. But I’ve had nothing but great people so far in Louisiana. And when I got in, one guy started warning me about the people in Texas. I thought that was pretty funny anyway I will talk to you all later. Bye.

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