Nov 8

Hi! Well, it’s my 50th day of actual walking! I’ve gone about 600 miles now. I’m almost to Gulf Port on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. First, I want to say hi to Dirk and Elke, my long lost friends from Germany. How did you find me on the walk? I can’t wait to talk to you directly!

I had a great time in Hattiesburg, especially thank you to Larry and Linda, and Joshua Hodge, the president of the Hattiesburg Audubon chapter. They drove me all over creation, looking at the bird life, and all day on Saturday at the Ocean Springs sewage ponds, which is the best place in Mississippi to see birds. There I recorded 42 species of birds, including 30 new ones for my trip! [There were] lots of Eagles, Sand Hill Cranes, two kinds of Ibis, Palm Warblers and even a Virginia Rail. By the way, if you ever heard the expression ‘thin as a rail’ they’re talking not about fence rails! The birds are so thin that they walk between the reeds in the marshes.

 Some people said it was okay to include a silly dream. Well, I have a short one. I dreamed the other night that we saw birds that nobody seemed to be able to identify. We finally figured out the reason we couldn’t identify them was that they were microscopic birds! That should open the whole new branch of avian science!

Well, it’s been warm lately, but it was cold, and we’ll get cold again before too long. When it was cold I had trouble sleeping because either my nose was out of the covers, for  fresh air and it got really cold on the tip, or I’d pull it in to warm it up and then suffocate on my own CO2,  then out it would go again. My solution; I think I’ll get one of them to snorkels down along the coast, and stick them out from the covers to breathe through. Think that’ll work? Anybody got any better ideas? Talk to you again soon I hope.

4 thoughts on “Nov 8

  1. Brad it was our pleasure to serve as “base camp hosts” for you and Xena during your stay in Hattiesburg. We really enjoyed the opportunity to get to talk with you about birds, your journey, life in general, etc. While we weren’t successful in showing you many birds in our neck of the woods, we were glad you had the chance to spend at least one day with some experts on the Miss. Gulf Coast. We will be following you and Xena as you make your way west. All the best to both of you in this venture.

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