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Hello! Well here in Mississippi, I have finally run into people from the Audubon Society who have hosted me in Meridian and now in Hattiesburg. I’ve gotten to meet people from the Audubon chapters and stay in the homes of two families; Joe and Robin Johnson in Meridian and Larry and Linda Basden in Hattiesburg area. We have gone out looking for Red-Cocaded Woopeckers, and didn’t find them. But [I’m] having a very good time, finally getting to talk to people about birds, and on Saturday apparently, I’m gonna get to ride with them, down to a special outing along the gulf coast to do some birding. An outing that’s attended by lots of good birders. I’ll probably get to see lots of birds for a change.

 I fell last week, about 3 or 4 days ago. As I was walking through some high grass along the side of the road avoiding the traffic I caught my foot on some high grass, and fell on my left side. At first, I thought I had cracked a rib but after 2 days of somewhat painful walking, carrying the pack, (it was hard to breathe) it seems to have gone away. So, I’ve overcome another physical ailment; blisters, sore back and sore knee. Now, after my first fall of the trip, I’m back to where I’m feeling 100% again.

I had an interesting experience coming across Alabama. I came in to a small town and was very tired. I had walked 15 ½ miles that day. I was very tired. The first thing I came to before I could see anything else was church camp. I went up to the door where I could see a light on and hear the TV playing. I knocked on the door hoping to ask if I might put up my tent somewhere there at the church camp. Well, I heard the T.V. get turned down or off and no one came to the door. So shrugging, I thought ‘well no room at the inn’ I left and walked  

off down the road. Not too far ahead I found a convenience store where a very nice lady told me where I could pitch my tent for the night. So, eating my ice cream sandwich, I thanked her and left the store. Before I was out of the parking lot, a local police officer pulled off his police car and stopped me. He said “don’t be knocking on doors” and I said “oh, are you talking about back at the church?” and he said, “Well, we’ve had some calls” and I said “well I was just knocking on church camp door to see if I might put my tent up there.” I assured him I was not pan-handling. He was very nice, he didn’t ask for I.D. or anything, but as I left heading for my place to put up a tent, I thought that was a rather strange things to tell me; “dont be knocking on doors.” Certainly the people at the camp had the right not answer their door, and certainly they had the right to call the police if they thought I was suspicious. When I thought about his advice to me, not to be knocking on doors, it made me wonder wonder why it’d be illlegal to knock on people’s doors and ask for help. If I were having a heart attack or so exhausted that I could hardly stand up or needed water extremely badly, would they insist that I walk on until I came to a police station or something else? Is it illegal to knock on people’s doors? Talk to you later. Bye.

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  1. Hey Brad! Glad you are doing well–the snorkle sounds like a good idea as far as the sleeping and breathing problem, etc. chanting for your and xena’s safety, strength and happiness! Total victory–:)

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