Thursday, Oct. 27

Hey. Good morning. I’ve just reached Mississippi and about 20 miles back somewhere in there, I passed the 500 mile mark for my walk!  Both are kind of landmarks for me or benchmarks.

I’m very excited. The Audubon people are going to be meeting me in Meridian today, which is not too far inside the Mississippi line. I understand they’re gonna give me a place to stay and even take me out to dinner! (*just got off the phone with dad, he was at a Thai restaurant with the Audubon people!!-Lucy) Things are looking up! The highway coming across Alabama was very good for walking, but I’ve realized that the bigger the highway, the less the human contact. A few people have stopped along the big highway but not as many as when I was in Georgia in the more rural areas so I missed seeing the people. But, the benefit of walking along the side with a big wide birm was pretty good. Although the last 13 miles coming in, out of Alabama, there was a huge construction area; it was very difficult walking. Anyway, Xena and I are doing well and we’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks to everybody who has given the information about coyotes. I’m sleeping a lot more comfortable. Thank you, bye bye.


3 thoughts on “Thursday, Oct. 27

  1. Any chance Brad and Xena will be passing through Tucson, AZ eventually? Just curious, I have a few contacts at Tucson Audubon. I did a short post about them on my blog about a week ago. Thanks for the updates!

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