10/23 (2 of 3)

More blogging for today. I have two questions to ask anybody who reads the blog. The first is serious. I need to know whether there is danger from coyotes, what the history coyote attacks is. Considering that I’m a man with a dog out in the middle of nowhere, with roaming brands of coyotes; how likely are they to attack a Husky or a person? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

 The other question is not as serious. A lot of people refer to my walk and say ‘Oh, just like Forrest Gump!’ Well, I wondered what in the movie did Forrest Gump … how was he portrayed? I know he kind of jogged around the United States. How did he do it? Did he have support vehicles? I don’t think he carried a pack from what I remember. What are some details of how he was supposed to have done his thing?

 The next thing that I wanted to say is that I had a dream about the coyotes, which I thought was interesting. I dreamed a coyote was attacking or about to attack and I throw my hat at him, which he grabbed and started to kinda run away with. At that point, I took off my shoes and threw them at him. In real life I think that would have been a very poor decision. But it seemed like a good idea at the time. I chased him back to where he lived and things started to change a little. It’s seemed that he owned a good deal of clothing, which he kept on hangers. And at this point the Coyote morphed in to my brother-in-law, David Lewis and I decided that the best way to thwart the Coyote was to take his coat hangers and bend them up so that he couldn’t use them. And that is the essence of a very ridiculous dream, from which I woke up laughing. I promise not to talk too much about more dreams that are that silly.

11 thoughts on “10/23 (2 of 3)

  1. Dad, from my perspective, the more silly dreams you share the better. I laughed raucously about the coat hangers, and hope you will say more about your dreams. Also, please include more about the birds you are seeing! Omg, i just realized I am essentially writing this note to myself, since dad doesn’t read the blog and I am the one who tells him about the comments and what not. Rofl

  2. Here is some information about coyotes I found online (which means it must be true, right?).

    Be Prepared
    If you have concerns about encountering a coyote, you may want to keep a deterrent handy. Deterrents can include rocks, pots and pans, vinegar in a water gun, paintballs, air horns or a repellent spray. Contact local authorities to ensure that you are using a legal method.
    Do what you can to discourage a coyote’s approach
    ■ Be as big and loud as possible
    ■ Wave your arms, clap and throw objects at the coyote
    ■ Shout in a loud and authoritative voice
    ■ Do not run or turn your back on the coyote
    ■ Face the coyote and back away slowly

    If the coyote turns into Dave Lewis, return any hangers at once and back away slowly.

  3. Here are some coyote attack statistics gathered from several sources:

    — Between 1960 and 2006 there were 142 attacks on 159 persons in the U.S. and Canada, the majority of which were bites, often inflicted while people were protecting their pets (mostly cats and small dogs).

    — There are two fatal attacks on record: One was on a 3-year-old girl in Glendale, California in 1981, and the other was on a 19-year-old woman hiking in Nova Scotia in 2009.

    — An estimated 3-5 people are attacked by coyotes in the U. S. each year.

    And to put things into perspective, there were 34 fatal attacks by dogs in the U.S. last year.

    Coyotes travel in packs but usually hunt in pairs, so while the sounds of a nearby pack might be unsettling to some, any threat would likely come from a prowling pair, as was the case with the woman who was fatally attacked in Nova Scotia.

    I’ve often heard the vocalizations of coyotes while camping in rural Pennsylvania, but never had any come into a campsite.

    So, be aware, but don’t let it spoil your enjoying a little nip of what’s left of the wild. Besides, a certain cartoon bird always outsmarts the coyote, no?


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