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As I’m traveling through the South I find that I prefer the 4 lane, divided highway. It hasn’t nice 4 foot birm along the side, outside the rumbles strips. I feel like I’m walking along a super highway for walkers. It’s really much safer. And most of route 80 going West from Selma is that type of road, so it’s been fairly easy walking.

Two things I have noticed as I come through the South. One is that many stores are closed. In both the towns and out in the middle of nowhere. Stores that used to be convenience stores, gas stations, mom and pop grocery stores, various businesses of many kinds are shuttered and in complete disrepair. I think it’s …I don’t know. Has it always been this way in the South? Where many businesses are abandoned and don’t get revitalized? I don’t know, but right now its depressing sometimes walking past places that you wish were open, to get a little bit of sustenance and there’s nothing there anymore.

The other thing is that I have noticed that there is still a certain degree of racism in the south. Many people have been just wonderful, both blacks and whites have been just great to me. But a couple of times I have seen the vestiges of racism. I remember one older man who was very very kind to me. He gave me water and drinks for free and actually told me that he loved me. He and his wife were very kind to me, but made a very strong racist remark at the end of his conversation with me in reference to the fact that I should carry a gun. I’m sorry to see that kind of racism. I know it’s still alive and it makes me wonder how I would be received walking through the South, especially If I were a black man or if I were a woman or a black woman. Talk to you soon.




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