10-23 (1 of 3)


Hi! I’m on my 6th day out of Montgomery, hitting Western Alabama. I’m doing okay. First is the Xena report. She is doing so much in the cooler weather than the hot weather. She would lag behind. Now she’s actually out in front of me most of the time. Ive trained her to get off the road to the left when something’s coming, into the grass. With just a little tug of the leash and a command to her, she moves immediately off the road. She is much better and happier all around. The salve for her feet, she won’t let me put it on. She licks it right off and fights with me to keep me from putting it on, but she seems much happier. She just had a nice breakfast of cold french fries. [*for animal lovers, this is not her usual diet, she eats a normal dog diet of mostly dog food and water, but also gets some table food and meat-Lucy]

We had a real scare last night and the night before with a huge pack of coyotes, not more than a quarter mile away, at one point howling and yipping and yiping. It was very scary the first night. Last night wasn’t so bad. But the first night I had a very fitful night of sleep, trying to prepare for what might’ve been an attack on my dog or on me. All I have is a pen knife, pepper spray, my cellphone, and a flashlight. So, no attack, everything was okay. Everything else seems to be on the positive side. My lower back was really sore yesterday. I thought ‘oh no’ I’m going to have lower back problems.  But this morning it feels a lot better. I’ll see how it is by the end of the day.

Anybody that wants to call me to talk, weekends are best. But I’ll talk to anybody, any time. Alright love y’all, bye.

(Dad’s number is 479 234 2321, and he loves to talk!-Lucy)


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