More Generous People

New list of ‘generous people’ met along the way. Thank you!

*I did not specify money given, many of these people did.

** note from Lucy, if you are one of these people or know who they are, please comment or send an email! Thank you! J

Staff at Oakland Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Jimmy Lee’s

Melissa at Sasser Convenience Store

Prison work gang along rt. 82

Chris and Jack at Huddle House

Mark Mitchell at Subway in Dawson

Tommy Roundtree at Dawson News

Tracy Kahn and Guy Anderson-opened their home

Tiffany Woo at Eufala Tribune

Elise Hitchcock along 82 and in Eufala. Motel room and MUCH help!

Ben and Betty Spurlock in Eufala- Thanks! Long Johns!

Tammy and Steve at North Eufala Subway-great advice

Jeff, Donna and Madison Bowers

Devon, Tiffany and Hannah-place to camp and soup!

Bo Rowland of Clayton

Macey Wright-Water!!!!!!!!

Michelle on road

Jordan in his pickup

Kayla on road

Lisa, Billy Woods and Peggy at Brooks Store

Brandy and Stanley at next convenience store

Drew Brooks family in China Grove-place to camp!

Lisa Addison on road

2 guys in blue pickup- ‘here ya go, bro!”

Ethel at rt. 82 and 231 convenience store

Kimballs on road-water

Kevin Ellison in Electric truck

Ladies at Chevron station on 231

Guy at Sun Pools

Mital at Budget Inn Motel

Stephanie at Bargain World (South Montgomery)

Nice woman at I-65 Shell

Beans (aka Frankenstein?) at rt 31  Citgo

Shaggy, Ashley and Mike Moore at Party Tyme Tavern

Lisa-offered a ride on rt 82



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