Sept 30th (please scroll all the way down, edited)


September 30th.

 Eufaula, Alabama. That’s right! I’ve made it across Georgia. I crossed the Chatahoochee river into Alabama. Now it’s on to Montgomery! Only 120 miles to where my van is parked. I’ll get together some cold weather gear for the October, November trip to the Gulf Coast. some amazing things have happened since my last blog. A few days back it was a really hot. And a long ways to the town of Sasser, when I started seeing signs for ‘Mark’s Melon patch, 4 miles.” Those 4 miles and more signs all along promising all good fruit stand things, plus ice cream, were a cruel torture, but the wait was worth it, as I got to enjoy their home made, Georgia Peach ice cream.

Headed out to Dawson the next day, where I got interviewed by yet another weekly newspaper. I met a woman there, Tracy Kahn. And then also, 6 miles later, I happened by her house. Well, she came out to meet me. She had been waiting for me. [It] ended up, she and her husband, put me up for the night in the first real bed since I started walking. T.V. and a bath. Wow.

 The next day another woman, Elise Hitchcock, she sees me on the road loves my dog and is headed for Eufaula. The same woman seeks me out again yesterday and puts me up in a motel so I can be interviewed by the Eufaula paper Friday morning. I got to talk to you again about preserving wildlife habitat and the many reasons for my walk. Another couple, Ben and Betty Spurlock, meet me on the street here today and ended up driving me to a store to get long johns. It’s going to be cold tonight. They then returned to me to where they picked me up. Their generosity overwhelmed me. Without Tracy and her husband Guy, without Elise and without Ben and Betty,  I wouldn’t be doing anywhere near as well as I am today.


I wouldn’t be doing anywhere near as well as I am [without the] wonderful folks all along the trip so far. I gave a long list of most of the friendly and generous people to Lucy to post.

Xena report; she’s not doing too bad for a draftee. She never volunteered for this. She drives me crazy, lurching after lizards or moles as we walk. Whenever we see horses, cows or other dogs, she strains at the leash to visit and play, which of course I can’t allow. Her body language is pretty clear. Sometimes she’ll hang back when she’s tired, just enough to pull on the leash a little and let me know she’s doing all of this against her free will.

Well another 120 miles or so and I’ll reach Montgomery, my first real benchmark in this unusual quest. I can’t blog everyday, mostly because I have had no cellphone service.

 I wish that I had more bird experiences to relate but again, in the hot summer in Georgia, everything is pretty static. So, I’m hoping that as things cool down and the seasons change I’ll have some more interesting birding experiences, until next time, I’m keeping on. Okay bye.

4 thoughts on “Sept 30th (please scroll all the way down, edited)

  1. Thanks for the update Brad. We’ve had some pretty good movements of migrants here in the northeast this past weekend. Hopefully that means birds are headed south towards you!

    Keep walking!


  2. I just figured out how to get into the real blog – apparently I have goofed up somewhere. This is so cool. I feel like we’re there with him a little bit. I have resolved to be more kind to the folks I see passing through Bedford County on their way from here to there. Unfortunately not to many go down Valley Road, Springhope, PA where I could really be of better assistance. Keep on truckin Brad.

    • Oh great! I’m so happy you got it!
      I’m glad dad is inspiring you. I know how you feel, it’s cool to hear about his experiences. I feel so priveleged to be helping him.
      Did you check out the bio on the main page?

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