P.S. to last posting

This is a PS on the last blog. I had an interesting encounter the other night at the motel. A woman came to my door at 11 o’clock at night knocked on my door. I was one of only a couple of people in the motel and she was practically in tears. She said she really needed some help, that she and her daughters were kind of stranded there at the McDonald’s. She had a flat tire, and they didn’t have any place to stay. She was out of money and she needed some money for a motel room. It took me about 15 minutes of talking to her to decide, finally,  to lend or give her the money for the motel room based on several factors. 1). I had just been given the motel room myself by somebody who was very generous and people have been very generous to me all along [this trip]. I was aware that this woman could be just scamming money. Obviously it could be a lie. I decided to go ahead and give her the money for a motel room. I gave her an address to send a money order back to me and told her that if I did not hear from her I would know it had been a scam. But, I decided to trust her and to help her out. Many people have helped me. I realized if I didn’t help her I would never know whether I had let somebody down who was in need.  And if I did help her, she would either return the money or would, let me know by email and I would know that it’d been your real thing.

If she was acting it was pretty good acting.  It didn’t involve a whole lot of money. It was  quite an experience. Anyway I’m off to Montgomery now. [It’s only] 120 miles and it’s the last part of this track, between The Georgia Coast and Montgomery where my van is parked. Bye.






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