I spoke to dad a couple of days ago. He said that one of my brothers mentioned that the blog is coming off as a bit stilted, with some grammatical errors.

I just want to remind everyone that this blog is being called in by voice, which is then translates to text by an Iphone app. What I do is listen to the message and edit the words as they were spoken. Until now, I have basically not edited anything beyond that.

Dad is a great writer, very intelligent and thoughtful, but he also likes to use colloquialisms and sometimes speech patterns that reflect common spoken language. Please enjoy the words as they are spoken.



5 thoughts on “*note

  1. Brad’s intelligence, insights, and empathy are coming through, despite any grammatical errors. Sometimes the posts are a little ragged, but they’re real. There will come a time when all of the posts can be corrected for errors and possibly compiled into a book.

    But for now, Mr. Brad is chronicling his odyssey on the fly, and his plainspoken sincerity trumps “clean copy” any old day in my little book—which, by the way, I’m selling online at a reduced price. 😉

    Shuffling off,
    Buffalo Bilious

    • Thank you so much for your kind support. I am making more of an effort to edit for content and grammar than I was before.
      I like the way the spoken messages come across, as you said, it is very real and true to speech.
      However, we both want it to be readable, and so every effort will be made to keep it smooth and free of errors.
      🙂 Lucy

  2. I like it the way it is – real – I don’t want any of it cleaned up. Also, thanks, Lucy for keeping the post going – when’s the next installment?

    • Thanks Susan,
      I have posted all the most recent entries. The last one was 2 installments, you should have seen it by now. I’ll check and make sure it showed up, it looked fine when I posted it about 5 hours ago.
      By the way, check out dad’s new bio attached to the part that says ‘about birdman walking’. I added some stuff and you are mentioned. let me know what you think.
      Love, Lucy

    • Susan, I’m not sure why you are not seeing the most recent post.
      I posted 4 things today, one is titled ‘sept 30, scroll all the way down’, another is something like ‘ps on the last blog’
      the others are the most recent, a link to the ocilla star article and the other one is ‘note’ which you responded to.
      Please let me know if you have trouble seeing them.
      By the way, dad is out of cell phone range right now, so the next installment is likely to be a few days from now.

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