Stayed home again today.

Spoke to Dad around noon.

He said last night he was ‘serenaded’ by Barred Owls. He wishes he could do more birding, but the normal times he would be looking for cool places to see and hear birds include first thing in the morning, when it is cool and he is trying to get miles in. Apparently it has been too darn hot.Β  He is excited that next week should be maxing out in the mid 80’s vs. this week in the mid 90’s! He has, however, asked me to include another short list of birds he has seen; a Bald Eagle flew overhead, he saw a Clapper Rail, the Red Shouldered and Red Tailed Hawks and the Eastern Bluebird. He wanted to report an Olive Sided Flycatcher but asked if I would check to see if they are in Southern Georgia at this time. I consulted Sibley’s field guide to Eastern birds, and told him that no, even in migration, the Flycatcher does not go to that area. Only accidentals. He said that he had been fooled by the song once before, so not to report it.

On a more personal note, Dad is happy that 2 of my brothers contacted him this week and had a lot of encouraging things to say. He mentioned that Emmett told him that overcoming emotional doubts day to day will pay off in the end, with a feeling of pride and accomplishment that would otherwise be impossible.

Dad also mentioned that there was a guy who was hanging out with him and Preacher Brown. He said the man didn’t say much, but did say to ‘keep looking ahead down the road’ and that he thinks of that often.

Dad is headed to General Coffee State park and will camp there either tonight or tomorrow night on his way to Alma. (*I may have been mistaken about the distance between Dad and Alma…Route map coming soon…hopefully…Jean Lewis and I are working on that.)

Finally, Dad told me that a friend of his is following this blog, and it reminded me that we have no idea who is following this blog! Please post a reply or comment so dad and I know who is reading! Thanks.


21 thoughts on “9/15/2011

  1. Hi there Brad and Lucy – I am checking the blog daily. This is so cool – Brad is like a little moving dot on the map – or a little moving point of light or should I say Light. Norm and I are fascinated by and proud of him.

  2. Also I would like to know how to donate – I tried a trial donation of $15 to see if it went where I thought it should go, but am not quite sure if it did. Any tips?

  3. I am following the blog with great interest. Brad and Xena are meeting so many kind and generous people along the way. Many possiblities are being created.

    Warmest regards to all,

  4. Hi Lucy and Brad,

    My name is John Cecil, I work for Audubon as the Director of the Important Bird Areas Program. It’s really exciting to follow Brad’s progress and to cheer him on virtually! I’m sharing the posts to our twitter account (https://twitter.com/#!/AudubonIBAs) and occasionally sending out email updates to our network of IBA staff and volunteers, which is Global in reach.

    Thanks so much for raising awareness about birds, their conservation needs and Important Bird Areas!

    Keep walking!!!


    • Hey Becca! I’m so glad you commented! I just posted one of the articles written about him. Just waiting on Aunt Jean to get back to me about a map. Hope she can help with that.
      Love, Lucy

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