I stayed home, sick, today. So dad’s call at 10am sort of woke me up.

He wanted to add some little notes to the blog. He is about 4 miles West of Mershon, GA. Just left Bristol. He says some guys at a convenience store gave him ‘more pizza than I can eat, so I’m carrying a slice for dinner.’ He’s super hot, and is looking forward to finding a place to camp. When he reaches Mershon, he will be only 5 miles from Alma.

Here is a partial list of birds he has seen lately: Loggerhead Shrike, Fish and American Crows, common Ground Dove, and Black and Turkey Vultures. (Known to the Storey clan as ‘Tulkey Vurtules’ 🙂


2 thoughts on “tidbits

  1. Hey Hipp—it’s giraffe!

    Love the blog, it’s cool. I wouldn’t know any of those birds Brad saw if they swooped down and snipped off my nose! ‘Go, Bradford, Go!’ (Said in a 50’s cheerleader voice.)
    THanks for helping me with Skype, dear!
    yawns and farts,

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