Sept 12

Monday, September 12th, got a pair of shoes from Brother Charles Brown. [Size] nine and a half , almost new unbelievable! Problem developing. [I have to choose] either long stretches on Highway 32 with no stores, or even houses, or else heavy  traffic on Route 82. Don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll decide in Patterson tomorrow. P.S., in Patterson,  I have decided to stay on 32. There are some stores. I camped tonight under a bridge with a nice little creek, hardly moving but good for a bath, washed some clothes, Xena could drink. Tuesday these East West roads are something again. The Sun shines on them all day it seems, unlike the North South roads, which get shade if there are trees. From 11 to 3 There is no shade at all on the East West roads. Today it’s 92 in Patterson. 6 miles to Bristol. I’ll have to wait til tomorrow, it’s too hot. Out on the road, in the heat, my best friends are the semis. Each one gives me a 2 second  blast of cool air, usually a little bit of Diesel too.  I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Clouds are great too. Bye.




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