Day 7 already!

Holy cow!

It’s already been a week! I’m just getting around to posting dad’s September 9 blog entry, and he said he is going to send a new one today but that I should add a few details.

First of all, dad has been through Sterling, Hortense and Patterson, GA and is headed for Bristol, Alma and Douglas.  He was feeling really nervous about two things in the last few days. One, his shoes fell apart and he has been trying to find a place to buy new ones. I was googling shoe stores in Alma and Douglas, when dad met a Preacher who happened to have the same size shoe and gave dad a nice, almost new pair of comfy walking shoes that are working out just fine! He said that they he was very emotional that this person was so kind.

He also has been worrying about whether to walk larger roads with towns more frequently spaced, or take back roads where he will sometimes not hit a store or town for 25 miles. He said today that ‘a town with a convenience store becomes an oasis in the desert” and “I actually got to walk on a SIDEWALK yesterday!”

More soon, and thanks for the comments, replies and donations!

Keep them coming!


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