9/10 and 9/11

Hi everybody, doing ok out here. [Let me] go back a couple of days. Saturdaym, September 10th. Sometimes I wish nobody knew I was doing this. I mean, I know I’m living my dream, so to speak. But I have become a prisoner of my dream. I’m locked in and most of the time I’m in solitary confinement to boot. The hardest thing is paranoia, like one night in the middle of the night losing sleep, wondering if I can continue to avoid bad folks. Most everyone has been great. But I’m out here all alone except for Xena, thank God. I wish someone else was walking with me. [It’s] great exercise though. And very good mentally and emotionally. I have to overcome fear and worry. And what’s the greatest thing so far, I’ve come to realize, is having to ask total strangers for help. Especially in getting a place to sleep each night. What’s the greatest favor you’ve ever had to ask of a stranger? Most of us have everything planned out pretty well.  We don’t have to ask for food or money or shelter or a ride we’ve got our bases covered. That’s the difference out here. The bases, for the most part, aren’t covered ahead of time.

Sunday 9/11

My shoe [is] giving out. How do I get myself into these things? May have to hitchhike to a shoe store. Maybe one in the town 34 miles away. I walked 14 miles today, hot! Xena reached her limit. But after resting was playful. I was never so glad to see a convenience store. Yesterday I stopped at a house that was being built. The Builder gave me water and told me his daughter was getting married at 5 PM. Later his wife caught up to me on the road and gave me, get this, about 2 pounds of Prime Rib left over from the rehearsal dinner and mashed potatoes,  A big glass of iced tea, a cold coke,  3 honey buns and 3 packs of peanut butter crackers.  Xena had never had prime rib before. She ate it all in 2 meals. The lady’s name is Jane. She knew she’d be crying at her daughter’s wedding. I won’t forget her.


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