First day, my conversation with Dad.

Just got off the phone with dad..he gave me some additional details that I thought were interesting about his first day on the road.

He feels a little overwhelmed, which is normal, I think. He stopped at the bird sanctuary on Jekyll Island this morning. He said he saw theParula Warbler,  Black and White Warbler and an Eastern Towhee, which is interesting since it has yellow eyes on the East Coast. He said it’s a ‘cool little bird.’ He also said that he saw ‘the usual gang’, which to me, meant little. So I asked him who the ‘usual gang’ was? He said; the Boat-tailed grackle, Titmice, Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, the Carolina Chickadee, Gnat-catchers, Brown Pelicans and both the Ring billed and Laughing Gulls.

While he was at the bird sanctuary, someone from a local weekly paper came out to interview him and take pictures (will post when I recieve). Apparently while he was being interviewed, some squirrels chewed through his bag of dog food, and now the ants are getting into it. He is taking it personally haha!

More soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “First day, my conversation with Dad.

    • Hey Allen!
      Thanks for reading the blog and replying!
      Any recollections or anything would would be an awesome addition to the blog, if you want to reply publicly.
      I just talked to dad and he said you were really nice!
      Here is his number 479 234 2321.
      Thanks for your donation, too!

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