T minus approximately 7 hours!!

So Dad called me about an hour ago. He made it safely to Jekyll Island, GA. Thank you, Brian! He has his tiny mini-tent set up and said he is comfortable. He also said that the guys from the campground where he is (*must remember to ask for names and locations to keep this blog detailed) have contacted the local press. Hopefully they will catch up with him and write or broadcast something about the start of this walk. There are many things to worry about, but he sounds excited and frankly, so am I. Tomorrow he is going to put his feet (and hopefully Xena’s) in the Atlantic ocean…and then start walking. He said he thinks it is going to take about 3 weeks to walk back to Montgomery, AL but it may take longer.

He said that on the 6 hour ride from Alabama to Georgia, he realized how different it is going to be walking that distance, moving about 60 times slower (I don’t know how/if he calculated this…:)) I told him he will have lots of time to think and enjoy whatever he is seeing.

On another note, I’ve  already recieved 3 requests from local chapters of Audubon to have dad speak there, from Seattle to Florida. Thank you! Anyone who is interested in meeting my dad or scheduling a talk etc…please contact him directly at 479 234 2321, or you can email me at Lstorey@southuniversity.edu.

Good luck Daddy! be safe out there!


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