Labor Day

Labor Day.

I know this is going to be hard. On the plus side, every day is going to be an adventure. Every day I’m going to have to find out how far I can walk, how to deal with traffic. and where to stay at night. A tropical storm just hit Alabama on Labor Day, postponing my ride to the Georgia coast by one day. This is the third ride I’ve had lined up. The first two fell through. This guy is the son of a pastor that I met and seems like a good guy. Tomorrow we’re off!  My pack is heavier than I want, almost 30 pounds. But that’s with 5 pounds of dog food. Xena’s carrying 4 pounds of our stuff. So I’ll tote her grub, and our water.


Labor Day, part 2.

When I was 25 my girlfriend, later my wife, Margaret, and I were in Florida. There was a bridge over a canal, about 15 feet above the water. I wanted to dive in, head first, so bad, that I finally forced myself to drop basically just upside down, into the beautiful tidal river below. As soon as I came up, climbing up the sandy bank, I asked ‘how was my form?” Margaret and our friends all laughed hysterically. Apparently I had looked like a bag of cement! Calves clenched against my thighs, landing on my head with the most ungraceful plunge. That’s how I feel now, diving into this.

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