August 15, 2011

Hi! This is Lucy, Brad’s daughter.
This blog is for my dad’s walk across America, which he is dedicating to his life-long hobby of bird-watching. He will be raising money for The National Audubon Society’s IBA (Important Bird Areas) while he walks. If all goes well, I will be administering this blog. Our plan is to have Brad use an app to convert his voice mails to text so that with minimal editing I can just copy and paste to the blog.
That said, here is the news!
Dad is doing practice hikes with his beautiful and loving ‘hound’ (actually a husky named Xena who has been alternately described by strangers as a ‘heartbreaker’ and ‘the most beautiful dog I’ve seen in my entire life’), at his current home base in Montgomery AL (thanks Rob!) and gathering the supplies to get moving!*super run-on sentence, I know.* (If anyone can provide a ride to the East coast in the next few weeks or knows someone who can, please let us know)!
Part of dad’s preparation is getting business cards and a backpack-sized sign made so that people can easily find this blog, his facebook page and the direct link to his dedicated donation page on the Audubon website (so we can track the donations made in his name).(all links can be found at
My dad is an seasoned writer, so you will definitely be entertained and likely inspired by his journey and his postings.(Most, if not all, errors and typos will be mine not his). Please donate to his cause @ and find him on Facebook at Birdman Walking for Audubon!
*Wish you Luck daddy!

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